My purpose is to facilitate the empowerment of the youth I work with. As a society, we have lost our connection to humanity in a lot of ways. I want to support youth in loving themselves and loving each other. This, of course, is a life-long collaborative process, but, ultimately, the journey that each of us takes.

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As an educator, there are multiple avenues that I use to approach this goal. One is through the books I create. I want all children to see themselves in their own shining light and to feel uplifted when doing so. I want the books that all children are exposed to to be inclusive of all human beings.

Another way I want to support youth is through the practice of mindfulness and yoga. Mindfulness builds the ability to be with Self; To practice BEING rather than doing, performing, and achieving. Yoga practice encourages healthy bodies and, paired with mindfulness, allows for attention on our most precious gift, our bodies.

Finally, through the after school and summer programs I create, I want to merge self-discovery with global justice and sustainability (with some fun thrown in) through the teaching of mindfulness, yoga,  art, gardening, cooking, field trips (summer program), and through creating community. All through a social justice and sustainability lens.