I have been teaching yoga to students in my own classroom for the past few years and I will be trained through Rainbow Kids Yoga in 2016. The truth about why I practice and teach yoga is that yoga saved my father’s life. In his late sixties, my father was riding his bicycle in San Francisco and he collided with a moving car. He was thrown into the air, over the car, and landed on the concrete on his back. He suffered a six inch laceration across his head and vertigo months later, but he left the hospital on the day of the accident and only walked with a cane for a few weeks after. The doctors told him that if it hadn’t been for his twenty year yoga practice, he would not have recovered as well and as quickly as he did. Today, almost ten years later, he is still biking, walking, swimming, and practicing yoga.

Our children are spending more time than ever sitting on computers and less time moving, stretching, and paying attention to their bodies. Practicing yoga reminds us of the importance to do so and it gives us flexibility and good habits.